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My Commitment

As your Senator from District 2, I will seek to advocate for legislation that will preserve, promote, and advance the cause of:

  • Limited Government
  • Lower Taxes/Fees
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Second Amendment Rights
  • Traditional Family Values
  • Private Property Rights
  • Free Market Capitalism
  • Small Business Owners
  • Personal Responsibility
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It is my honor and pleasure to continue to represent the 2nd district in the Colorado Senate. Rural Colorado needs strong voices in Denver that can communicate its values and fight for its priorities, and I am proud to have been one of those trusted with that role for the 69th General Assembly.

I and my Republican colleagues have pushed for common sense solutions on issues ranging from job creation, to criminal justice reform, to 2nd Amendment rights, to regulatory reform. I have viewed my primary responsibility as keeping government as small, efficient, and Constitutional as possible so that all of us can chart our own destinies.

Liberty and common sense do not defend themselves. They need advocates and principled leaders to support them, especially when times are tough. Much has changed since last year, especially that the Democrats now have unified control of the legislature and governorship. But much has not changed: the economy continues to struggle, unemployment remains very high, and the federal government continues to stand in the way of needed reform.

But one thing has not changed at all…my commitment to values and to rural Colorado. To that end, I, along with my Republican colleagues and a handful of brave Democrats, have been fighting for smaller government and keeping taxes and fees as low as possible.

Please feel free to contact me regarding legislation as well as any issues that I may be of help in solving. And in the mean time, I also hope you find this website useful.

Fighting the good fight in your State Capitol,



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