It’s my honor to serve the great people of Senate District 2 and all the citizens of Colorado as your Senate President. As the first rural President in 43 years I will make sure your voices in southern and rural Colorado are heard and the decisions being made in Denver will reflect your life here in Fremont, Teller, Park, Clear Creek, and El Paso County.

As your President, I will fight for common sense solutions on issues ranging from job creation, 2nd Amendment rights, regulatory reform, transportation funding, construction litigation reform, deregulation, and many more issues facing this state. I have viewed my primary responsibility as keeping government as small, efficient, and Constitutional as possible so that all of us can chart our own destinies.

It is a privilege to serve the great people of Colorado and I look forward to the challenges that come with this duty.

Please feel free to contact me regarding legislation as well as any issues that I may be of help in solving. And in the meantime, I also hope you find this website useful.

In Liberty,





President Kevin J. Grantham