General Principles

Kevin is committed to a strict adherence to the United States and Colorado Constitutions which ultimately call for a limited role for civil government, for the protection of individual and property rights, and for the preservation of traditional family values.


Liberty of the Individual

The wisdom of our Founders was in their recognition that governmental authority proceeds from the consent of the people and not the other way around. The people's freedom and liberty likewise proceeds from The Creator. This was enshrined in the Constitution through the Bill of Rights declaring the freedom of the citizen to enjoy these rights without hindrance or coercion from the government.


Personal Responsibility

It is not the responsibility of government to be a nanny to each and every citizen. Individuals and families are responsible for their own behavior. Public policy should only serve to encourage and empower their efforts.


Limited Government

Federal, state, and local governments should be limited to their respective roles, in accordance with the Tenth Amendment. The size of government, government regulations, and entitlement and transfer programs, should be limited to essential, inherently-governmental functions.


Free Market, Commerce, and Unions

The foundation of the economic system of this country was the free enterprise system. It fostered the American spirit of creativity and enterprise into producing the greatest inventors, scientists, industrialists, agriculturalists, engineers, artists, etc., that the world has seen. This sprang from the well of freedom and the free enterprise system.

The rights of free enterprise, private property ownership, and private control should not be infringed. Public policy should encourage a vibrant economy, business competition, and private sector job growth. Industrial, technological, agricultural, and energy innovation should be encouraged.

Springing from this freedom is the right of workers to join voluntary associations or unions without coercion or involuntary diversions of their dues for political activities. Likewise, it is the right of the business owner to employ or not to employ union members and it is their right to be or not to be a "union shop".


Lower Taxes

The State should only collect taxes from citizens to fund legitimate government functions, and should refund any excess to the original taxpayer as the Taxpayer Bill of Rights requires. Government taxes and fees should be limited to essential, inherently-governmental functions, and not for the forced redistribution of wealth, disproportionate advantages for targeted interest groups, or partisan political gain. Also, these taxes and fees should be levied only through the strict adherence to TABOR without circumvention through the use of fee increases and the Colorado Supreme Court.


Sanctity of Life

I acknowledge the fact that human life begins at the moment of fertilization. All human beings, whether unborn, handicapped, infirm, or elderly, have a God-given and Constitutionally-protected right to life. Therefore, by principle I oppose the devaluing of human life which includes such acts as abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, and embryonic stem cell research.


Family Values and Marriage

American families should be encouraged and supported by policies to nurture strong marriages, to support traditional moral values, and to create, control, and maintain their individual wealth with minimal interference from the government.

The role of government is not to re-define marriage. Marriage is already defined and has been for millennia.



Parents have the right to rear and educate their children according to high standards of character and quality, with minimal government interference. Parents are ultimately responsible for their family's education, and must be able to choose among government schools, or other alternative forms of education for their children. School children should not be restricted in their rights to voluntary prayer, religious expression, and the acknowledgement of God, the American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution. Higher education should foster academic excellence, respect for Western civilization, and academic freedom without indoctrination or political coercion. Academic tenure should not be used as a vehicle to abuse authority, academic integrity, or professional ethics.


Western Conservationism

Humanity is not to be viewed as a virus which has infected the environment and should therefore be removed. Humanity should rather be seen as the caretaker of, the conservator of, the land. To that end, public policy should honor private property ownership and encourage free market policies. Western conservation empowers the private sector to exercise personal responsibility to conserve the natural resources of Colorado for future generations.