CO Senate President Kevin Grantham



The new Senate District 2 covers, Fremont, Teller, Park, Clear Creek, and southern and rural El Paso counties.

FYI: All of the old Senate District 2 (except for Fremont County, which still is part of District 2, and some parts of north-central Pueblo County, which is in District 3) is part of the new Senate District 35 and your senator is Larry Crowder from Alamosa.

My Commitment

As your Senator from District 2, I will seek to advocate for legislation that will preserve, promote, and advance the cause of:

  • Limited Government
  • Lower Taxes/Fees
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Second Amendment Rights
  • Traditional Family Values
  • Private Property Rights
  • Free Market Capitalism
  • Small Business Owners
  • Personal Responsibility


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