Capitol Update for February 15th

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Senator Kevin Grantham - District 2

The 2013 session is well underway and most of you have probably heard by now of what is going on here in Denver. The Democrats have taken the agenda very far to the left this session, and the future looks just as bleak as the present. Civil unions, without a conscience clause, will pass and be signed by the governor. Anti-energy legislation is still taking shape but promises to be a disaster. And gun control is being rammed through as quickly as the rules will allow.

If you have friends or family in the Denver Metro area who support the 2nd Amendment, especially if they voted for a Democrat in the last election, you should contact them and ask them to let their representatives and senators know how they feel. I have heard from many of you in southern Colorado, which I appreciate and which has demonstrated just how much opposition there is to infringements of our Constitutional rights. However, Democrats must hear from their constituents, especially other Democrats or independents, if we have any hope of making some of these awful proposals less bad.

HB 13-1224, 1226, 1228, and 1229 are the Democrats’ first package of gun control measures. These bills would prohibit “large-capacity” magazines (13-1224), would eliminate the ability of a concealed carry licensee to carry on a university campus (13-1226), would impose fees for background checks (13-1228), and would require near-universal background checks (13-1229). These bills have made it through their committees in the House and are now on the floor for second reading. They should be to the Senate by next week.

We have had some successes, however. Two of my bills have made it onto the consent calendar (a process that speeds up a bill because no opposition is anticipated) in the Senate, which was a pleasant surprise. My bill to give peace officer status to the civilian police force at Ft. Carson (13-005) sailed through the Senate without much ado. It is now in the House Local Government Committee. My second bill, the Institute Charter School Assistance Fund (13-143), would make several changes to this fund. One such change would require it to allocate funds above a certain balance to the state’s charter schools on a per-pupil basis.

Finally, you may have read about it in your local paper, but the Democrats killed my bill that would have expanded the definition of “recycled energy” to include gas derived from landfill waste (13-063). This bill would have enabled a truly shovel-ready project in Otero County to get underway, creating dozens of new jobs, and it would have provided needed jobs for communities throughout Colorado. But the green lobby again demonstrated that it has different priorities than the majority of Coloradans.

As always, feel free to contact me with any comments, concerns, or questions. And don’t forget to contact those you know in Denver Metro and have them contact their representatives and senators.


Senator Kevin Grantham
District 2


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