Extreme legislation was stopped by Senate Republicans

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May 13, 2014

Dear Coloradan,

The legislative session has ended and I am pleased to tell you that the Colorado Senate Republicans worked hard to defend your privacy and stop overreaching legislation pushed by liberal special interest groups.

Three pieces of legislation were ushered through to limit government surveillance and protect the privacy of Colorado’s citizens.  We also successfully killed eight extreme pieces of legislation on the floor and 14 in committee by working across the aisle with the Senate Democrats’ one seat majority.

You always hear that elections have consequences.  And it is true.  Because of the outcry of citizens pushing back against an unresponsive General Assembly in the fall of 2013, we gained two seats in the Senate and stopped the Democrats from continuing their outrageous agenda from New York.

Only one seat determines who is in control of the legislative agenda in the State Senate. 
Please make an immediate contribution of $5, $10, $25 or the maximum $50 to help us usher in a new majority in November that will be a backstop against the out-of-touch agenda being pushed by liberal special interest groups.

In Liberty,

Kevin J. Grantham

Senate Republican Whip

Contributions to Coloradans For A New Majority will be allocated to Republican candidates for State Senate who share our interest in empowering the private sector through pro-jobs legislation and cutting burdensome regulations.  We may only accept contributions from individual persons, and contributions are limited to $50 per year, per person or $100 per couple.   Corporate contributions are prohibited.  Contributions are not tax deductible.

Coloradans For A New Majority

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