Memorial Day 2015

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Senator Kevin Grantham - District 2

Memorial Day 2015

This Memorial Day, while you’re spending time with your family and enjoying your barbeque, I encourage all of you to take a step back and remember what Memorial Day is all about. Because, unfortunately, for far too many, Memorial Day has become just another day off from work or school.

Take a moment to reflect, pray, and talk to others about the sacrifices and sufferings all those who have served have endured for us. The love a US soldier has for their country and their simple wish for us to be free is something I want to encourage you to reflect upon.

So today, enjoy playing with your children and grandchildren, enjoy your barbeque, and enjoy taking a well-deserved day off, but also do remember all those who have given so much. The sacrifices these patriots have made must not go unnoticed and must not be forgotten.


In Remembrance and Honor,

Kevin J. Grantham 


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